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Friday, December 17, 2010

Power is an interesting thing..

"The Devastation Shall Become Ever More Apparent". Haha well isn't that cute. Sounds like someone is on to me, maybe threatening to reveal the devastation I've caused? Well lets make one thing perfectly clear, I am not and will never be intimidated by some faceless waiter that likes hanging out in the forest and interfering in my business. Motherfucker, you don't know what devastation is. Look into the eyes of someone that's getting their flesh ripped from their bones and feeling every agonizing moment of it. Now that's devastation. Force a husband to watch his wife get the last gasp of air squeezed from her throat only to realize that he's next. That's fucking devastation. If you're reading this my well dressed nemesis, don't fucking push me. I'm one to push back.

But I digress. This ice-storm has me house bound. I'm starting to get cabin fever I'm afraid. If found a few forums filled with discussions on my suited friend. He seems to make his rounds. I'm having a hard time believing that this phenomenon isn't just a man in a suit, or many men in many suits for that matter.

Regardless, he is in my head now. I keep watching over my shoulder. I've never been one to do that. For his sake, I hope he's not a mere man in a suit. I do terrible things to mere men.

Oh and for the record.... I am lurking.

Until Next Time.


  1. In time you will look upon his facelessness and be drawn to him, in time you will find your body pierces by the molten tips of his branches, in time your mind will be as filled with holes

    as mine

    A pound of flesh is nothing in the Nightmare

  2. You see, I've already looked upon his face, or lack there of for that matter. I'm sure he saw me as well. He's had plenty of chances to make his move. But instead he uses his impeccable timing to ruin my evenings, and leave me little notes. This doesn't exactly sound like the thing nightmares are made of.

    Let him poke around inside my brain for a while. He's in for a pleasant surprise. To quote another feature film.. There are things he'll find in my brain that "makes the Manson family look like the Partridge family".

    Until Next Time.