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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Silly Rabbits.

I see that my little conundrum is gaining it's popularity a bit. It's getting quite a few views and comments for that matter in your little discussion forum. I see it's even gained the attention of a few "Hybrids". That's quite a feat  considering that they're all dealing with a mutual bad habit at the moment. :)

It's interesting how you all fear this being, but you almost embrace him. Giving him cute little pet names and what-not. I suppose it's only human nature to be curious about things we don't know, things we fear. That's probably why you keep coming back to check on me here. That or the fact that each of you reading this can relate to me in some way, shape, or form. There is a little part of me that resonates inside all of you.

All of us have the capacity to commit the most heinous atrocities. It's embedded in our most primal genes. Most of us have grown through human evolution, consciousness, spirituality, to block out and put away these urges.
Emphasis on most...I'm not most people. I've grown to find solace in other's pain, tragedy and misfortune. It calms me to know that I hav....

Oh shit, someone is at the door. Who would seriously be out at in this fucking weather. If it's anyone with a badge, or in a fucking suit for that matter. I'm going to be pissed.
I'll be back later.

Until Next Time..


  1. The entity which you've encountered feeds off fear, which is probably why he is following you. I won't beat around the bush, you cause pain, suffering and fear - THAT is why we give him stupid names, the less we fear him, the less he can get to us.

    Knock knock.

  2. Hahaha so he's riding my coat tails eh? Maybe I'll start following people he's stalking. Just out of spite. But on a serious note, I'll get to the events of last night in a while. Rather interesting.

  3. I like your movie quotes. Please post more, mister crazy person.

    Heh, "crazy person", says me.