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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't play games.

I had not seen my suited follower for quite a few days. But my bloodlust became to much to ignore last night.

I've been staying put for about a week now and this business man had caught my eye. He was cold and smug. The first time I saw him was early in the morning. He was walking out of his parking garage and passed who I assume was a blind homeless man. I suppose he heard the footsteps and asked the man for spare change. Instead of giving the man a hand full of nickels, I watched as he poured a cup full of hot coffee into the homeless man's lap.

As I watched I didn't feel sorrow, or pity. I didn't feel much of anything for the homeless man. All I remember was this extreme hate for this business man. Who in the fuck is he to do that?

Maybe I was just jealous because he was inflicting some sort of pain and I wasn't, but at that moment his fate was sealed.

I tracked him for a few days. Getting to know Mr. Personality's routine.

So I followed him home last night.

I knocked, He answered with "Who in the fuck are you"

I responded with a 9mm shoved into his neck.
He let me right in after that.

We had a brief discussion about his life and then we grabbed 2 folding lawn chairs and some duct-tape from his storage closet and got into my car.
We headed out of town to a common freight train crossing. We walked for about a mile to a good open spot.

I opened the folding chair and set it on the tracks. I ordered him into it and he complied without struggle. He sat there and let me duct-tape him into the chair. No fight at all... Was his life that degraded that it wasn't even worth fighting for?  He kept asking me who I was, and why i was doing this and all of this garbage.

That's when we heard the first train horn in the distance.
This might actually be my first victim that I didn't really have to do any of the dirty work for.

He started to sob and ramble of stories of his family, mother and father, what he wanted to do with his life.. like I actually gave a shit about his life story.
I walked up and put his business card in his shirt pocket. For id purposes. I wanted people to know this scumbag was dead.

He talked for what seems like hours when I finally saw the light round the corner. FINALLY.

He started screaming and praying at this point. Unfortunately if he was trying to get to God.. all he was getting was his voicemail.

The train was rolling pretty good at this point. So I set the other chair up about 30 feet from the track to get a good view and enjoy my work.

He kept yelling "Why me God! Oh God Why!?" and I just smiled.

The train was here, I braced myself for the red brilliance that was about to ensue when all of the sudden there was this blinding flash of light.

When my eyes adjusted I saw the man suspended above the train. The train barrelling by underneath. That's when I saw suitsy. All arms flailing wildly above his head. As the last car passed by the suspended man was flipped upside down and slammed violently into the tracks over and over again. His skull was pulverized. He was obviously dead.

He walked right passed me..pressed his faceless head into mine as if to say "This is my world, you're just living in it." And he disappeared into another flash of light.

I walked back to my car.. I haven't been this pissed off in a long time.

I did all of the fucking work. The following, the studying, the taking.. and he gets the payoff.

Well fuck that.
I'm nobodies pawn.

If he wants to get competitive we'll get competitive.

Just know "Slenderman".. I don't play motherfucking games.

But All I can think about is...

Does this count as mine? or Does this count as his?

Until Next Time,


  1. It is most definitely yours. What that faceless motherfucker did was not steal your kill, it was a present. It wanted to show you its power, but if I were you, I'd focus on the fact that you just saw a dude be smashed against train tracks by tentacles.
    Must have been amazing. Rather than a fountain of red, you get a puddle of skin and bone.

    I am glad you are back to your usual routine. Slendy has nothing on you.

  2. Slendy sounds jealous of you. Like a petty bully who can't exist without taking other people's toys...err victims.

  3. Ha! sharesies?
    hehe sorry.. something about this struck me as funny.

    Seriously though, I agree with Tron that it's yours. You did all the work, thus you get the credit

  4. All of you collectively- I'm glad we see eye to eye. If he keeps this up we're going to have a problem.

    Tron- Oh it was quite a sight. To bad I couldn't enjoy it because he ruined my initial plans.

    Vasudha- He should be jealous. Slendy's bad... but bad has nothing on Evil.

    Knit- "sharesies" made me smile.

    Until Next Time.

  5. If video games have taught me anything, whoever landed the killing blow gets all the credit, but if you helped you get a little. I'd give you half the points for the assist.

    As fucked up as you are, it's good to see that He seems to be upset that he has a little competition. Just stay away from me, it would end badly for both of us.

  6. Ryan- Oh this isn't a video game my friend. And you're probably right. It wouldn't end well.

    Until Next Time.