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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Regards To Dia.

Dia- We're are complete strangers. I don't know the first thing about you, You know nothing about me. But after reading the details of your attack I have taken it upon myself to go on a little mission. Granted I know nothing of your attacker other than his name is David, I've decided to start there.

I've picked up a gentleman named David. It's probably not the same piece of shit that you encountered, but that's irrelevant right now.

The Contortionist lead me to him. He truly is a blessing and a curse. He can make things so easy, but he makes things so difficult.

I digress.

This David, he's dressed nicely. button up shirt, tie, khaki's. He was probably coming home from work. Has a picture of his wife and 2 children in his wallet. I haven't said a word to him in the 16 hours we've been aquainted.

He keeps asking me why I'm doing this.
I hate when they ask me that.
Like i'm going to give them some sort of divine closure in answering that stupid question, or it will trigger something in my head that will make me stop.. Heh
I'll give him some diving closure.

As of this writing, I have removed both of his hands at the wrists with a hacksaw, seeing as how the piece of shit didn't like Dia's writings and tried to stop her.

I didn't want him to bleed out so I cauterized the wounds with a small blowtorch I picked up last week at the local hardware store.

He passed out from the pain of the blowtorch. The smell is appaling.

I have him tied to an old reinforced wooden chair.

I've placed 2 industrial 8'' concrete screws through his feet into the floor for good measure.

I'm leaving him with The Contortionist for a bit.

I know this is no justice for the atrocities that you suffered Dia.

We'll see where this goes.

Until Next Time.


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  2. No amount of fresh ingredients or artfull preperations makes a meal tasty if it isn't cooked properly. Your David's suffering began long before you decided to step in, I suspect, it may even be the same man, though I doubt that. I must confess I'm rather impressed with your ingunuity, though I wonder what you will discover when you reenter the room.
    See you aroound

  3. Free- The Chair was reduced to splinters. All I found of our dear friend David, was 2 severed feet, screwed into the ground. And a black bag of viscera hanging from the center of the room.
    How that brings back memories.

    Oh how I love his style.

    Until Next Time.

  4. I should be shocked and horrified, but honestly... I'm oddly grateful. I'm sorry the wrong guy was picked up, but the sentiment remains the same.

    You had fun, and I felt somewhat avenged.

    A good day, with much blood spilled. Cheers, love.

  5. Dia- Something about your attack hit a nerve inside of me. Maybe it's because you're relatively neutral in the scheme of things. I'm not sure.

    I am sure of this though.


    Until Next Time.