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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome To Hell.

I've been gone a long time. Thinking. Letting this little section of the web go on its merry way without me. Things were getting to predictable. To repetitious. Everything was regurgitated and spit back out on all accounts. 

But it's a new year. We don't have much time left. Lets see some blood.

I usually let you guys in on the outcome these little endeavors. But I have turned over a new leaf. People are masters of their own fate.

Lets see how number 1 fares.

I grabbed her in a thrift store parking lot. She says she's 24. Attractive redhead. Brown eyes. Fuck I hate brown eyes. She told me her name but I honestly don't give a shit who she is, what her life story is, what her goals are, what her dreams are. She said something about having kids. Fuck your kids. She's just spewing shit out to try to keep me interested or try to get me to connect with her on some sort of emotional level.
Bitch, you don't want to connect with me. I feel nothing.

She's locked in the back of my car with a 2 small blackboards and 1 piece of chalk. I told her on the first to give me 10 reasons she deserves to live...

On the 2nd give me 10 reasons she deserves to die.

What she doesn't know is that if she gives me just one reason on that second blackboard......

She's going to end up at the bottom of a lake. 

Miss me?

I haven't seen The Contortionist since "D-Day". There were so many of them... Only 1 of him. Last I remember before I woke up.. They were tearing him apart. Then he burst into an explosion of light.

I might get into that later. I haven't seen Penelope since then either.

Eat it up.

You know you love it.

Until Next Time.


  1. Ah yes, welcome back. It has been a while, hasn't it. When you're done with her will we get to see the lists, I'm courios as always.

    See you around
    - Caged

  2. Welcome back Sunshine!
    I missed you

    I too would like to see those lists when you're done

  3. Cage&Knit- I had a feeling you 2 would be the first to post.

    I can always count on my monsters.

    How has this shit fucking world been treating you both?

    Until Next Time.

  4. Rather well I'm afraid, it seems my only notable accomplishment of the past few weeks or so has been keeping myself from staning someone.

    You know, people are always so afraid of their mistakes, convinced of their own worth for living. They're often afraid to think of any reasons they should die, I could see that woman ignoring the second tablet completely out of fear. What I would do is let her live only if she were able to fill it out completely, anything less and she's not being honest with herself, or with you. Of course it's your game, play how you see fit.

    See you around
    - Caged

  5. Heh
    Well… at the beginning of November Ritter took me for what felt like months, though I was only gone for a couple of weeks. During that time I killed many, sometimes being controlled by Ritter, sometimes under my own power. Got myself some pretty scars and felt myself die again. Ritter also made me experience one of my greatest fears but made it feel right. Oh! And I met Brightsky, though I didn’t know it was her. I like her even more now.
    Woke up here mid-November. Here is either part of Ritter’s realm or an area of his creation, where I’ve been trapped ever since. Been enjoying starvation. I should probably have died by now but he won’t allow it. At least I know he hasn’t just ditched me because I can still hear his song in my head and he keeps popping in to check on me.
    Other than that, I had to level myself out and feed my addiction last week. Made one scar nicer and gave myself some new ones, so I’m feeling alright now.

  6. Oh, Death, I have missed you so bloody fucking much. You have no. fucking. idea. When it's boring, there just aren't any creative fucks left when ya need 'em. And well, when it's exciting, you can hear the ice cracking beneath your feet and wish you hadn't spoken so quickly.

    I've been busy, partially with Wolfie. *cough* Wolfie, dearest, what have I told you about telling/hinting at secrets? It's not very nice, though I doubt he would recognize me after all this time. I got laid, set on fire and drug through broken glass, drugged and cut and.. well, a productive set of holidays indeed.

    I want details about yours. Call me nosy, call me a fangirl, like I care at this point. Missed you, hope to hear more from you soon.

  7. Ha! Brightsky, I'm wounded. I haven't said anything that isn't already displayed on our blogs, hardly secrets

    My my, keep talking like that and you'll sully my good name which would be a shame since I've been fairly discrete up to this point hahaha

  8. Knit and Cage- Sounds like things have been quite interesting. I don't believe in a life beyond this one. Death is the means to an end. That's why I let my nickname slide. She gave me her list and I took into consideration what you all were saying about it. I don't have a camera right now in my travels but I'll put the lists up in a new post.

    Dia- My sweet. Sounds like my kind of holiday. I've missed you all. I'm at my best when I'm alone, but oh how I've missed my monsters.

    Until Next Time.

  9. you've changed.

    ill need more posts to see how, but you have. i can feel it.

    i hate feeling.
    i dont know why some people find not feeling distasteful. it makes things so much...simpler.

    whenever i have a feeling, shit gets complex.

    not the point.

    how have i been? glad you didnt ask. i think ill say anyways. fuck if i know how i am. all i know is i am not content; other then that, there are to many unknown variables to actually try to make a hypothesis on my current status.

    but this isnt about me is it? no, i die, im not missed. you die, not that you should be, but for some god awful reason some of your readers may miss you(i dont mean offense, you just take more from society then you give. you have negative value. i have no value. its just how things are.)

    well im gonna cut the rambley bull shit short, wouldnt want to irritate you for no reason(assuming long rambles irritate you. they do most i met. then again, your not most. better safe then sorry i say.)

    you say youve been thinking.

    i think to.


    to much infact, its why im so rambley. there are so many......direction....a single thought can go in. each one must be explored.

    so if you wouldn't mind, whether on this comments, in private, or not at all.

    whats on your mind?


  10. I agree with the creepy rambling guy. What HAS been on your mind?

    And, oh Death doll, I would love to tell you more, but then I might get in a tad of trouble.

    Wolfie, I'm sorry for underestimating you, love. Forgive me?

  11. It's alright Brightsky, I forgive you

  12. Vunderbar! Now, let's flood this post with vague comments about the last time we saw each other, and bug the fuck out of OPOF. Maybe he'll get nosy. ;)

  13. Serve- I've changed eh? I suppose I have. Maybe more bitter? Maybe more cold?.. You tell me.
    I kind of enjoy the fact that you feel that I have a negative impact on society. "Some God Awful Reason".. Why do you despise me so much?

    Knit and Dia- I don't get nosy.. But you can be as vague or detailed as you'd like.

    Until Next Time.

  14. OPOF, for the record, I am.. feeling like I want to have some kind of impact before I kick the bucket. Any ideas?

    Simply put, we realized she's the reason I tried to quit my old job. Didn't work, I wound up more fucked up in the head than I like to admit in mixed company. It's a lot longer, much gorier story.. but good reading! I think.