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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm still trying to process this..

So I made my way into her house the other night. It was quite simple considering she had simply forgotten to lock the rear entry. It took her quite a while to fall asleep. She kept turning the light on and looking out through the blinds. Finally after the light had stayed off for a bit, I moved in. The interior of the house is quite nice. I'm not really connected to material things though. Hell I can't make an emotional attachment to an other human being so I'm surely not attached to inanimate objects. It was remotely cluttered, I assume from the child. I silently made my way into the woman's bedroom. It was obviously a the room of a single woman. No sign of a spouse whatsoever. I took some time observe the room. Ran through all of the possible scenario's in my head. What if the child awakes down the hall, best mean of escape if things go wrong.. But things never go wrong. I moved closer to her bed when something caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye I see some movement from behind a half open window blind. It's the silhouette of a man from the shoulders up, just staring through the window. I couldn't make out any facial features, just a solid white mass for a face. It really intrigued me more than anything..was I caught? Was it the Feds ready to move in? Was it some peeping tom that picked the wrong night to be watching..Then I realized we were on the SECOND fucking floor. His movements weren't confined to something like a ladder, and he obviously wasn't on any scaffolding. Was this night-watcher 20 feet tall or what the fuck? I think years of shutting my conscience off might be getting to me. He pressed his hand against the window pane and his abnormally long, slender, fingers started tapping against the glass. He knew I was there, I knew he was there. I just watched. About that time I heard the child start to stir from down the hall. That's when I postponed my little outing and made my exit, just as I had entered. I really wasn't in the mood to resort to the "Leave No One Alive" rule I've set for myself. Outside of the house I double checked her bedroom window.. Nothing. But through the trees I swear I caught a glimpse of him again.
I need to rest on this.
Until next time.

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