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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A slight change of plans.

On my way to her house last night I was pulled over by a county police officer. Apparently they frown upon having the tiny little light above your license plate out. He went through all of the motions. Where I was going. What I was doing. Blah blah blah. Then for the first time ever. He preceded to follow me to my house. Needless to say my nerves are quite frayed at the moment. Something has to be up.

He followed me all of the way to my drive way. Then he told me to get the light fixed as soon as possible and bid me farewell.

As he pulled away I saw a tall, lanky, pale gentleman sitting in the back seat of the squad car.

Apparently he know where I reside now. And he's pulling more strings than I previously thought.

This should get interesting.

Until Next Time.


  1. What are you gonna do, man?

    I think you gotta make it over to her house as soon as possible, before things get worse.

  2. He does seem to love using the police, doesn't he.
    I blame Zeke. After he went and defied Slendy, Mr. Faceless must now feel that he must compensate by nabbing every officer he can get his tentacles on.