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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lets see what you've got.

I haven't seen suitsy since the "train" incident.

But I've got a little game for you.

I have a man tied up in my spare bedroom.
He's admitted to terrible, atrocious things committed against children.

As of right now I have all of the fingers on his left hand. I leave them in a jar on the nightstand as a reminder of what a sick fuck he really is. I don't think anyone truly understands pain until they see it in a grown man's tear filled eyes.

I can kill him whenever I want. I just thought you all might be interested in getting in on it.

Any suggestions?

Don't get cute or I'll make it quick and easy.

And nobody wants some fucking creep to go quick and easy.

Until Next Time.


  1. Hmm… Quite a debate….

    Part of me wants to say that since you’ve started with his dirty fingers, continue until you have them all. Then castrate him… Perhaps blind him too if you can do so before he bleeds out or just change the order of events as you see fit. This is your area of expertise, after all. The point would be to systematically take away every part that he used against the children.

    The other part of me, my more rational side, says that you are not to be trusted in any way, thus I cannot trust that the man you have tied up is who you say he is (if there is actually a man there at all). For all I know, he’s just some nice old grandpa who wouldn’t hurt a fly and you’re just trying to get us to condemn him for shits and giggles.

    This part of me also wonders why else you would ask for our input on your project when you’ve stated many times that you like to work alone and that you don’t like others getting in on your work. Is it merely that you’re trying to test us? See if we’re closer to you than either of us thought? Perhaps you are testing to see whether Slendy interferes if there are outside influences involved?

    This stops me from going straight along with the darker part

    Anyway, take from this what you will. I’m not trying to be “cute”, I just figured that, if nothing else, the conflict you’re causing within my mind might amuse you… though maybe that’s just the sleep deprivation talking

  2. Heated needles.


    I mean, everywhere.

    Don't castrate him until after.

  3. Chili powder on open wounds and salt. Lot's of it.

    Leave his tongue, ear & eyes for the last. Castrate him. Maybe use a mirror so he can see himself being cut up.

    Most importantly, make sure tall, pale & slender doesn't interfere this time.

  4. Knit- This is but a mere study. We all have our monsters love. Some of you hide them better than others. This is exactly what I was going for. For you, I've taken his left eye. He's still very much alive and wishing he was dead.

    Slice- Glad to see you back. Needles are a double edged sword my friend. Used correctly they can be quite relaxing. Used by me, they're not relaxing at all.

    Your needles were also included in the loss of his left eye. It's amazing how many of those little buggers can fit into the exposed portion of a human eye. I got 256.

    Vasudha- The eye won it. He still has another though. And just for you I cut a 3"X3" section of flesh from his forearme. Into it when a combination of ordinary table salt,sea salt, chili powder, dried cayenne and habanero peppers. He didn't like that much.

    Everyone seems to be up for castration...
    I let him read your comments.
    He thought the human race was more compassionate.

    He thought wrong.

    I think Mr.Pale has other things on his mind.
    He's made himself scarce.

    Until Next Time.