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Saturday, May 7, 2011

"You're all monsters."

I let him read your responses. It's kind of ironic that the last thing he read before I took his left eye is all of your comments.
He said "You're all monsters, They're no better than you are"
I just chuckled and shoved a needle into his retina.
Anyway, he's still living...


Until Next Time.

Oh and I've been creeping..

and to my snafu-comics people..

Who is Dan?


  1. Sadly, I am not a very original person. On the other hand, I've seen some gross shit.
    Ever seen Human Centipede? Try something like that, but with deserving people.

    Or even better! Use some ideas from Law Abiding Citizen. But a mirror in front of him. Cut off his eyelids and inject adrenaline to keep him from passing out, then do whatever you want (an arm, maybe?)

    Everything I see posted on BlogSpot I automatically assume to be false, and purely for the sake of entertainment. I do not take anything seriously, and my post is not admissible in a court of law as I was/am not properly informed. Kthxbai

  2. Any illusions of being a Hero faded a long time ago, OPOF.

  3. Slice- I'm far from a Hero... It was wishful thinking though.

    Until Next Time.

  4. Why does being called a monster give me a strange sense of glee? hmm...

    I've already said my piece about what should be done to him... However, if he's not to out of it to talk would you mind asking him a question for me?

    How is it that he thinks he has any right to call anyone else a monster as if he is somehow a better person, considering what he's done?

    If he can cough up a response I'd like to hear it.