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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty.


On to more entertaining matters.

Apparently a certain "collector" isn't fond of my work.

This was asked to our resident "Collector" about yours truly.
Anonymous asked: Figured you might want to talk to this guy. You have things in common.

I’m not seeing it, honestly. All I see is a whole lot of cryptic bullshit and minimal results. You kiddies don’t have to send these anonymously. I don’t intend to kill my followers outright.

Oh how great it is to see an idea you like and run with it. Originality isn't really your forte eh? My "cryptic bullshit and minimal results" seemed to peak your interest a while ago. 17 smiles...Get on my level Mr. Collector.

You are right about one thing though. We are nothing alike. I don't paint. And I'm not into smiles much.

Until Next Time.


  1. Glad to hear from you again sunshine, though I must criticize your cooking skills. Let you near a crockpot and you nearly burn the bloody place down.

  2. Knitwolf- I should atleast get an "A" for effort. I really do hate cats.

    Until Next Time.

  3. Ha! Fine, fine I figure I owe you for indirectly helping me out with a bit of a problem last Monday anyway, so "A" for effort.

  4. Knitwolf- I'm glad I could be of some help doll.

  5. Doll? Heh... I like that

    In case you are interested, the problem I mentioned… well…

    I had been dealing with a bad depression which I’m fairly sure was either caused or exacerbated by Slendy. I have dealt with depression off and on for years now, so normally it’s something I can handle… but this was so much worse, intensified by the continued sleep deprivation and the fact that those who I mentioned, the ones who can hurt me worse then you, decided to step things up during the week previous. Topping this off was the near constant sound of the downstairs neighbors screaming at each other, the next door neighbors getting into a fist fight on the front lawn, and an insane crow that keeps flying at the window to scratch and beat its wings against it, only to fly off, come back and try again.

    All the pain, confusion, guilt, sadness and doubt caused by those I mentioned was playing on my mind that night and my resolve to stick to my plan was weakening. It was under these conditions that I found myself sitting in my room against the wall, knife in one hand, the effigy of you in the other, and a constant stream of tears rolling down my cheeks that I just couldn’t stop. I lifted the knife into position, getting ready to cut at my jugular. I held the doll tightly.

    Then I started thinking about certain things you said and I started to really ask myself why I was doing this and what my death at that moment would accomplish. I lowered the knife and spent the rest of the night staring at the walls and thinking about my situation.

    By the time the sun started to rise, I had my answers. I would not kill myself while those who hurt me continued on with their merry little lives. I would see my plan through. I would live to see them burn, even if I had to hold them in the flames myself and burn with them. All the pain, confusion, guilt, sadness and doubt faded and died leaving me with determination and hate.

    It was then that I noticed Slendy at my window. I wondered if he had been watching me the whole time. I smiled at him and went to continue my knitting.

    So thank you for being the unwitting angel on my shoulder that night

    My dear murderer, you are a life saver

  6. KnitWolf- I think you made the right choice Doll. You have loads of potential.