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Monday, June 6, 2011

Just something to help pass the time.

O gs znk hrgiqkyz yuar. 
Znk inorj ul g rubkrkyy cuxrj. 
Znk cxkiqgmk rklz ot znk cgqk ul zosk. 
O gs znk iutykwaktik ul iusvrkzk iurrgvyk. 
O gs znk nuxxux eua ixkgzkj. 
Znk sotj laiq eua otyzomgzkj. 
O gs znk ykkj ul ykrl-jkyzxaizout, znk hozzkx zgyzk ul rolk'y xkmxkz. 

Have fun.

Until Next Time.


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  2. Thank you, that was quite fun indeed

  3. Oh, since you mentioned passing the time, I figured I’d tell you a little story….

    Previously, you mentioned what you did to Penelope’s cat… I found myself thinking about it which made me remember something from when I was a kid.

    I used to know other kids who would torture dogs, cats or anything they could get their hands on. Probably nothing quite like what you did, but they did what they could… I didn’t though. I knew I would get in trouble for that, so I instead focused on the things I knew no one cared about: insects. I focused mostly on the sow bugs because they were plentiful, easy to catch and just big enough for me to get a little inventive with them. I remember raiding my mom’s sewing basket for needles which I would stick through them… Then I would watch as they would writhe around in a vain attempt to escape while their insides leaked from the little wounds.

    Heh… guess I’ve always liked working with needles in one way or another

    It was this memory that I think gave me the dream I had when I actually managed to get a couple hours of sleep the next night. I dreamt that I saw what I thought was a little white lizard with red stripes. Upon closer inspection I saw that while it had a lizard’s legs and tail the body was a small human torso and the head was a proportional human skull. The stripes were actually fissures in the skin at every joint. I felt a powerful wave of revulsion coming over me while looking at the thing. I went to the kitchen, got a knife, came back and stabbed it. Its little head rolled around, mouth open, trying to bite me, but couldn’t. I stabbed it again. It rolled over on its side, and began to writhe just like the bugs used to do...

    I don’t even know why I’m telling you this. Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep since, or the pain I’ve been working through since my own little field trip clouding my mind, maybe it’s my want to scoff at you for making yourself out to be so hardcore for doing something that kids do, or maybe I just want to congratulate you on causing such an interesting dream

  4. KnitWolf- You're jumping to a lot of conclusions dear. First, I never mentioned what I did with penelope's kitty. Maybe I brought it a nice scratching post. Maybe not. "Hardcore" eh? That's cute. I was never into torturing animals. Like you said, anyone can torture animals. I just saw it as kids being kids. I just never got into it. Don't get me wrong, I've burnt my share of ants beneath the magnifying glass. But I only hurt animals to cause significant, direct, emotional trauma to their human counterparts. Most people see their pets as an extension of their families or themselves. You really want to see someone squirm? Hurt something they love. I really do like the little effigy you put together portraying me. I'm truly honored. I like the photo you posted. I can see bits of you in the background. Your fingers, your collarbone. Petite and fragile. But I digress. Like I said. Honored. Until Next Time. Me.

  5. Oh my, do I detect a hint of a threat there?
    How precious

    Oh honey, I know exactly what’s in that picture and it’s nothing I didn’t want you to see. If you want to see more of me, just look through my blog. Frankly, I’m dealing with things right now that can (and have) hurt me worse than you ever could, so I’m not worried. You don’t know me well enough. I don’t care about you enough

    Don’t get me wrong though. Despite all I’ve said, I quite like you. I keep coming back because I find you endlessly amusing and I enjoy our little conversations. I’m also glad you like that little effigy. He is sitting next to me as I type this, by the way.

    As for the cat issue, well… I apologize if my comment ruffled your feathers. It just seemed like a reasonable guess considering the “come to Jesus” comment and the fact that you enjoy hurting people.

  6. KnitWolf- I wasn't threatening you in the least bit. I'm no threat to you. I'm just making simple observations. I think you're interest in me stems further than conversations and amusement. You obviously care enough to keep coming back, that's all that really matters now isn't it? I enjoy the fact that I'm creeping around in the back of your mind all of the time, and that its actually starting to occupy some of your leisure time. I'm beginning to think this romanticized idea you have of me in your head is setting you up for grave disappointment. Its like the story of the Indian Boy and the rattlesnake. Don't say I didn't warn you. Until Next Time. Me

  7. Please don’t insult my intelligence. Even though I made that doll, I don’t actually think you’re a snuggly teddy bear in the skin of a killer.

    As for my interest in you though… yes...I’ll admit it… it does go further than amusement.
    You are like a drug and I am addicted. You provide a good high but you’re very bad for my health.

    I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned dealing with things that can and have hurt me worse than you could. I don’t make that statement lightly, especially taking into account the things you said you’ve done in the past. You have been keeping me at least somewhat sane by providing catharsis when you talk about what you do. This has given me some relief and allowed me to endure, to be patient while waiting for the right time to move to the next stage in my plan for being rid of at least some of those things.
    You have also acted as a reminder that I will most likely die soon. Whether my plan succeeds or not, seeing it through it is very likely to get me killed, which will bring an end to the suffering.

    That was the “high”. Part of the health risk is, well… obvious…even if you’re saying you’re no threat now. The other part is that coming here has made Slendy’s presence in my life a lot stronger a lot quicker, to the point where he has injured me mentally and physically. I still serve him by spreading his plague, however because he is a part of my plan, as I am of his.

    On a slightly lighter note, this is also the reason why I’ve changed my avatar. Right now I feel like I can relate to Gmork. The difference is that I have my own purpose outside of that which has been given to me.

  8. It’s okay… I guess you can see why I keep calling you “bittersweet”

    Heh, I’m afraid I’ve disappointed you if you were hoping for a Clarice to your Lecter

    Sorry for the slow reply, by the way. I only woke up around midnight. I fell asleep at around 3pm, yesterday, after getting home from selling my knitting at a local market. You would think that it would be a welcome change from the sleep deprivation, but it was not. I had terrible nightmares and he was in all of them.

    I dreamt I was walking through an old deserted looking house. In one room I found a bag laying in a pool of blood. Another room looked like it had been painted with a person’s insides. Upstairs, there was a third room in which there was a woman lying on a bed. You know the y shaped cut that they make when performing an autopsy? It looked like that had been done to her while she was alive. Suddenly, the corpse started talking to me, saying “he’s at the end of the hall.” I ventured out into the hall, only to see myself standing at the end, facing away, looking out a window. Slendy slowly appeared by my side as I continued to stare out the window.

    From there, I went into another dream. I was naked, laying on the floor of some pitch black room. I sat up and drew my legs up close to give myself some cover. I couldn’t see him but I knew he was there. I could feel him staring at me through the darkness. I felt so cold and afraid as I sat there, waiting for whatever was to happen. I woke up shivering. I’m still cold and I feel as if I didn’t sleep at all.

    I know I had other nightmares. I know he was there. I just can’t remember them other than that.

    When I woke up, I noticed that a few things had been moved or knocked over in my room. My computer chair was on its side, some of my needles were on the floor and my dolls looked as if someone had been rifling through them. Maybe I was sleepwalking… though I’ve never done that before.