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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like ducks all in a row.

I hope you all had a marvelous holiday. I for one am ready for the great "Blizzard of 2010" to be over with.

I did finally manage to make it out of the house today. It never fails, every Christmas, my lovely mother always manages to feed into one of my absolute addictions. Reading. She always manages to track me down and send me her trademark "Borders" gift card. I love the woman, but she never liked to stray to far from the path.

 I bought some new literature and this prompted me to unpack some of my books. I have so many books. I usually just leave them boxed, since I'm usually never in one place for too long.

I thought I'd share..

But I digress. I've been pondering the Man for the last few weeks. There are so many reports of him from all over the country.. Is it entirely implausible that there may be more than one? Even if 50% of the stories have some truth to them then this guy is all over. From Jersey to Florida and back and forth. That's a lot of traveling for one, suit wearing, faceless, stalker to do. So I suppose I'm putting my money on there being more than one of these guys. Stranger things have happened.

Now on to something that's been eating at me even more. It seems the latest of my encounters seem to involve him.
1. The woman and her daughter- She seems to be running from something. Paranoia.Her health is terrible. I've seen him on her property numerous times.
2. The Old Man- He kept mumbling nothings about things that seem to be tied to the legend around the man, He had the note in his pocket and again Paranoia.
3. Then there was the hitchhiker who tried to rob me.- I over looked a few things. He looked like shit when I picked him up. I assumed it was from walking in the frigid cold. Perhaps it was something more. Also, In the process of demanding money, he kept saying things like "Give me your fucking money, I have to get away from here" things of that nature. They really didn't mean much to me at the time. But things are starting to come together.

What I'm getting at is.. if all of these people are dealing with/running away from Him. How did they all end up coming in contact with me?

Supernatural or not..I do what I do on my terms.I'm nobodies fucking puppet.



  1. Dont let anyone control you man.

    Though, perhaps its fate?

    I hate to bring up core theory...but a lot of modern tales have Anti-Heroes, you know?

    So it may be DESTINY.

    Either way, you being interested in the Man and not interested in killing dudes is fine by me.

  2. Slice- I'm not an Anti-Hero. I'm not much different than him. I stalk, I kill. I just want him out. Any way possible.

    Until Next Time.