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Friday, May 13, 2011

I had a dream last night.

Suitsy was there. He was watching a beautiful woman.
There was a sign hanging from a tree near him.
All it said was "North"
I don't want him watching her.

This was playing in the background..


  1. "I don't want him watching her."

    Why not? You don't seem to have any remorse.

  2. He's invading your dreams too hmm?
    Interesting... His intrusions into my dreams are the main reason why I haven't slept much recently...

    Anyway... I guess you'll have some travelling to do soon

  3. Dante- I'm not showing any remorse good sir. There's something about her.

    Knit- He has been in my dreams since day one. He's just been in my reality more lately. I hate when he's in my dreams.. I have more control when he's in my world.

    Before I go North, I have to figure out who this woman is.

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  5. You think you have more control when he's in your world? Are you sure about that? From what you've been saying about his tampering with your plans it doesn't seem like you have much control either way

    Perhaps you can listen for any news of brutal deaths occuring North of where you are. Slendy probably leaves a bloody trail wherever he wanders. The name of the song may also be a clue

    Thats still pretty broad but I'm sure he'll be giving you further... direction soon

    Your situation made me think of this song

  6. Yes, go into the obvious trap. Have fun.

  7. Knitwolf- I suppose you're right. The name of the song.. Hmm.. And I'm glad I pop into your head while you enjoy Nick Cave.

    Creepykiki- Trap? He could have killed me numerous times. Maybe he should have killed me when he had the chance.

    Until Next Time.

  8. Are you dense? He's screwing with you just like you're doing with the pedophile and by extension us. Killing someone quick just ruins the fun.

    Maybe he's tired of the same scared little children. Maybe he wants something more challenging and fun. Who knows?

    Besides, there are many worse fates than death. I know you think that you're all that because you killed a bunch of people but you're nowhere near his level.

    I'm going to enjoy watching you fall.

  9. Creepykiki- I fear we've gotten off on the wrong foot here kiki. I don't think "I'm all that". I'm good at what I do. I'm not being cocky, I'm being honest. I'm nowhere near his level? He's the one interfering with MY projects. Maybe i'm more of a threat to him than anyone knows. Fight fire with fire my dear. Evil with Evil.

    "I'm going to enjoy waching you fall."
    You may be watching for a while..

    Until Next Time.

  10. oooooh hehehe well said, well said! I'll certainly drink to that! *takes a gulp of monster energy drink * What? I very rarely drink alcohol and I wasn't going to sleep tonight anyway