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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knit Wolf.

KnitWolf said...

Why does being called a monster give me a strange sense of glee? hmm...

I've already said my piece about what should be done to him... However, if he's not to out of it to talk would you mind asking him a question for me?

How is it that he thinks he has any right to call anyone else a monster as if he is somehow a better person, considering what he's done?

If he can cough up a response I'd like to hear it.

In response to your question.

As I went in two evenings ago I found my spare bedroom wrecked. The wooden chair I had him shackled to was in pieces. And the walls adorned with blood. In the center of the room were 2 black trashbags.  You know what the contents were.

So here we are again. This is the third he's taken from me. And this time I had to clean up his mess. This is getting redundant. He needs to stalk on his own time and quit tampering with my projects.

Last night I got one in on him though.

I love the bar scene in this town. Easy pickings.

Until Next Time.


  1. Slendy's trying to say that he wants you to fuck off. Are you going to take that from something that isn't even human?

    Don't go after some fucking drunkard, set your sights on Slendy!

  2. Ah... that's mildly disappointing... Oh well, at least your captive met a suitably gruesome end and you actually got to have some fun with him first. I suppose I should thank you for the response post

    Heh... you know, this situation reminds me of having an untrained dog that makes a mess if you don't pay enough attention to it...

    Seriously though, as I said a while back, I think he is either hunting you and this is his way of taunting you before moving in for the kill (much the same as you tormented your captive with our posts before torturing him) or he is using you do find fresh prey for him.

    You need to either focus on fighting him or learn to share your kills and I suspect that you won't be able to live with the latter for long

  3. Zabulon- As much as suitsy gets underneath my skin, He has been valuable in the past. And i'm not exactly sure how to go about inflicting pain on him. Although I think about it a lot.

    Knit- Sorry about the disappointment. I was really enjoying the route you were going with my captive. If Slendy wanted to kill me, he's had his chance quite a few times. I think he has some kind of plan for me. Fresh victims might be what's going on, but he's never had a problem getting victims in the past. And I had a dream with him in it last night..